Review of Doodly – Drawing Animations made easy

Doodly is a new software product available for Mac and Windows. It allows you to create drawing based animations lightening fast, by providing you a number of pre-drawn scenes, characters, and even allows you to customise a drawing path using any image you select.  For hand drawn animations, it is simple and easy to use, and even includes pre-defined, royalty free stock and audio to give your drawing animations a bit of ambience.

Doodly also provides the ability to define a drawing, slowing or speeding up the drawing to match the audio!  It is truly a fantastic piece of software. I use it personally for my own drawing based animations.

Doodly comes in three pricing packages, which are Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. With the Pro version you get many more pre-defined scenes and characters (which are always being updated), and with the enterprise version you get the ability to resell anything you make with Doodly.

When I first started Doodly, I did find a number of bugs with the software, but when I contacted support these issues were updated almost immediately. The next time I logged into the software on my workstation, Doodly asked to upgrade, and when I did, the software issues I identified and pointed out to support were handled in a very timely fashion.

I strongly recommend that you check out Doodly. Note, in order to obtain the pro and enterprise versions you will need to sign up for the Basic version. The license for this desktop application is less than 100 for the Basic version. Also note, that the basic version sales page may be closed, to allow them to work on the next version.

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