Getting followers on Twitter is actually not as hard as it sounds, but most people go around it the wrong way. Most people who want to increase their followers simply try to get more followers with the intent of getting those followers to buy something. But Twitter is a social tool, and is meant to be used interactively. Simply trying to get more followers won’t get you the followers you need to expand your business reach and marketplace, and will most likely lead to the wrong type of followers.

Twitter followers you want for your profile should be targeted followers, not just anyone. These are people who would be interested in what you Tweet, and who would also be interested in re-tweeting your posts. The best way to get these kind of people is to understand who your market is. Here are some examples to get you started:

  • age 25-45
  • married with kids
  • retired people wanting to build a business
  • Small business owners that want to expand

Once you understand who your customers are, then it is those people you want to attract to your twitter profile. But still, this isn’t enough. You need to understand your customer, and what they want, and provide VALUE to them. After all, if they will become interested in you, it will be because they see your value, and will even be willing to pay to get it.  But, first, you must show and demonstrate your value first.  After all, in order to get anything in life, you must give it away first. If you give away value for free, your audience and market (potential customers) will want it, and if they get value, will want more.

Also, people want to know that you are a legitimate person. It is so easy to sign up with a Twitter account these days, and anyone can do it with any profile name, etc. But this doesn’t mean that profile will actually help your customers. The best way to expand your reach is to be real with people, and just be YOU.  After all, you are your brand.  If people know, like and trust YOU then they will follow you, automatically once they see your value you have to THEM.

Before you even try to get more followers on your twitter account, make sure your posts are dedicated to what your potential market is interested in. A great tool to help you with this is Once you understand your customers a bit better, then find websites that have an RSS feed available to attract them, and set them up on auto-posting at the best times during the day.  If they like what they see, they will re-tweet to their customers, and suddenly, followers will just automatically begin following you.

To get something you have to give it away. Why don’t you try re-tweeting what THEY post? The more you do this, the more they will respond in kind and start following/retweeting you.

Often people get confused that the way to get followers is to “buy them”, or find a service that can automatically get new followers, but this is against the twitter terms of service. And, quite frankly, just doesn’t work. Regardless of how many followers you get, if you don’t demonstrate YOUR value to them, and show that you value them to, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have, they just won’t buy your products or services, and won’t convert to active customers. Only your value will attract new potential customers.

Work smarter, not harder. Don’t focus on just “building your followers”, but rather focus on “building followers who will actually buy you, your products, and services. This way, even if your number of followers isn’t that high, the followers you do have are followers that will convert. Don’t try to be Brad Pitt, just be you.