Welcome to Lowery.com

My name is Matthew Lowery, founder of Lowery.com.

I am a business and technology coach/consultant, and help businesses get started and grow their business by using technology and online channels to bring their products and services to market.

I started with computers in my early teens which was over 35 years ago. This was at a time when PCs were just getting started with the likes of Apple, Microsoft, and IBM. What really attracted me to technology was playing video games. One day one of my teachers in high school told me I could make things like that, and in an instant, I was hooked. I started learning how to program computers. While I haven’t actually made a video game I did find my niche in consulting and helping businesses use technology to their advantage.

I started my career as a developer, working in most of the mainstream technologies, and from their advanced to Team Lead, IT architect, and eventually consultant to ensure that technology was aligned to the direction business units wanted to head. I have been doing this ever since, helping them match their business directions with technology.  I work in most mainstream (and some cutting edge) technologies and given my passion for computers, keep up to date, which assists me in coming up with the best solution for a client.

Over the years, I started realising that just using technology for the sake of technology is never a good idea. So I started working with business units in what they wanted to accomplish and achieve, targeting the reason they are in business, and how they can use technology to deliver their business strategy. I also learnt that the world is changing, with advancements in social media and the internet, and now consult on the best use of all of this to achieve a business outcome.

I have asked a number of business owners and managers why they are in business, and found that most people’s answer is to have great products and services. While this might be true, they often overlook the real reason they are in business, and that is to “SELL” their products and services to make money to either sustain their business model or grow it.

I have also found over the last 5 years that the world is changing, jobs are becoming more scarce, particularly in the current economic downfalls. People back in the 50’s used to say, “if you go to school and get a job, you will be able to have a family and retire”. While that may have been true then, it isn’t the case today. People do need a “Plan B”, and now is the time with the use of social media and the internet to make this happen.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I would like to meet you, and help you get started with your business direction, and/or help your business grow through the use of technology. It is exciting times.  Below are some of the organisations I have worked with.


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