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Matthew Lowery - Marketing Automation and branding

Marketing is about branding, customer service, popularity and market retention. It is not only about getting people to contact you first to buy your product, but how to associate your brand at the top of their mind when seeking out solutions. Doing marketing properly will keep them buying your products in the future, over and over again. In the old days of advertising on TV and Radio, and to a “general audience”. But people have started to become immune to this form of advertising, and expect more from the businesses they purchase from.

What do you and your business want to be recognised for? Take Disney. Everyone knows who Disney is. If anything is released by Disney it has already been targeted with a number of sales channel’s that Disney sells, as well as a lot of other potential sales channels as well. Whether it is a movie, an action figure, a pop star, or their TV channels, their marketing strategy is about clean, good, honest communications for kids and families alike. Of course parents are going to buy from them, their name is established and branded, and it is a popular household name.

But marketing is also more than that, it isn’t just about positioning your brand, but keeping it there. For people who don’t know your brand, you must associate your brand with something they value. Parent’s of course value what Disney offers their family, and so are quite setup to make a lot of money in the process. The sales channel at Disney really only comes down to taking orders and fulfilling them, keeping their brand intact.

At, we offer consulting services to make the most out of your brand and sales channels.

Once someone becomes familiar with your brand, they may not buy from you right away. Does that mean they are a lost customer? Hardly, yet so many companies today make this mistake. They target a given audience, try to sell to them right away, and toss these people aside just as fast, because they didn’t make any money from them right away. Talk about leaving money on the table.

A better approach is to understand your customers, and their buying cycle. More often than not, people need time to buy what you have to sell. After all they are so used to people selling to them that they just tune out. But does this mean they don’t need what you have to offer? Not at all. They are just caught in the initial branding cycle of tuning you out, and this will take a number of times where you put your brand in front of them to get them to even read what you are offering them in the first place.

Enter: Marketing automation. This is using technology to interact with people. Whether they are at the start of the sales cycle, or already a long term customer, your interactions with them are key. Once you understand every part of the customer’s journey, from initial brand introduction, through to brand products/services, all the way to repeat sales, you are on the road to success. After all, most customers come from the 98% that didn’t buy your brand products and services right away, just simply because they weren’t aware of what you can provide them, nor were they willing to even give you the time to become aware. This is a very different approach, a soft one, just letting them know over and over what I can help them with so when they are aware of what I am offering, and when they are ready to purchase something from me, my brand is established, and they know, like and trust me. We have a relationship.

Marketing automation is about getting in front of your potential customers, sending something of value right away, then building on this, to keep providing value. This doesn’t mean you have to give your products and services away for free at all, it just means you are positioning your brand in the fore front of their minds as someone who consistently gives them value even after they have purchased from you. You become their “goto” place to get the products and services you offer that will help them. All of this is actually easier than it sounds.

Contact me today to understand your customers more, what they want from you, how you can position yourself and your company in the forefront of their mind, and more importantly, how you can use technology to automate most of this process. It is a win win for you, your company, and your customers, and means you will stop leaving money on the table for someone else to grab.  Contact me today, and have a discussion to see how you can leverage your brand in new, innovative ways, and use technology to help you get there without demanding all of your time. Welcome to the digital age.

Marketing Automation

In today’s technology world, it isn’t about technology, but rather your focus on your customer. Every customer has a lifecycle from a tire kicker all the way through to returning to you for repeat business. In today’s world of Social Media, people are bombarded by a lot of ads and crap from people to get them a lifestyle and the time they require to build a business and not be hamstrung by it.

Most people say they need more money. Fewer say the reason is to get more time. But out of these people most are struggling to get to this place, and aren’t willing to invest the time or money required to fully automate their business.

Today’s business environment is about customer interactions. Did you know that most of your customer’s aren’t those ready to pull out their checkbook for your latest project, but those who are interested and will down the track? What are you doing with these people? They will make up more than 97% of your target market. What are you doing for them to get them to buy from you? Most businesses don’t do anything, since they think they are a waste of time. But this can’t be farther from the truth.

Most people and their initial interactions with you come to you with a certain problem. This is how they can build a business and money to get more time with their family. They may not quite be ready to pull out their credit card, but are just looking at you as a way to give them that. For these people, they may look at you, buy are just not yet ready to buy from you. Perhaps they need a bit of time to put a few things into place to get them there? Completely disregarding these people is leaving a whole lot of money off the table for you.

The answer here is to understand how they interact with you, from every opening of an email you might send to them, to every click of a link, putting an automation workflow in place to deal with those people ready to buy from you right now to those people that will buy from you in the future.   This is where Marketing Automation comes into place.

In the old days of marketing, this was mostly known as an Autoresponder, an email engine designed to send emails on a schedule. But these tools just don’t cut the mustard when it comes to automating the entire customer lifecycle. You need a workflow engine that knows what to do on every click (or not click after a period of time) of every email or every link. By knowing who is clicking, or not clicking on what, you will understand your customer more, and be able to place them into the right marketing message. After all, perhaps those who opened one of your emails, watched your video, but didn’t buy are the perfect prospects after some time to re-engage?

Further, the who point of marketing your business based on your lead and customer’s interactions with you will give you invaluable data that can be used to understand the buying cycle of your customers. This is GOLD.

Talk to me today on how to work with your market, leads and customers in a way that really showcases the service you give to people. After all, it is about people at the end of the day isn’t it? And every person wants to know you actually care about them along their journey with you. Welcome to the Customer Engagement and Service Era. Contact me today if you would like me to speak for your next event on this, or provide you with ways to use Marketing Automation to get closer to your potential and existing customers.